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A Very Special Christmas Gift for You

We love the holidays and as the song goes: ‘Tis the season to be jolly.”

And in addition to being jolly we want to give you (our special readers) a holiday gift for being part of what Financial$matter is all about.

We finished our December newsletter with lots of intrigue and insight to what goes on behind the scenes on Wall Street.  So, we decided to share, from our premium subscription, a story we refer to as the “Saudi Sheik-down” that’s running amuck at the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh.

It’s linked to the shootings in Vegas and could very likely play out as a major threat to the price of oil.

The story is in pdf form.  However, it’s only one of the numerous stories in our December newsletter.

(We didn’t think it would be fair to our premium subscribers to give you the entire newsletter.  But we also put a special gift in their stocking as well.)

We’re confident you will love it.

However, it’s only going to be available for 48 hours.

There are no strings attached…it’s a gift.

And all you need to do is contact us (HERE).  Put your name and email and say “Yes, send me the free story.”  Or just send the word “Yes.”  We’ll know what you mean.

This is a one time offer so don’t wait.  48 hours goes by quicker than you think.

You’ll thank us later.


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