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Has the Eye of the Storm Passed?


If you’ve ever lived through a hurricane you know what it’s like when the eye of the storm passes over.

The wind seemingly disappears, the clouds part, and many times you see the sun peek out accompanied by a gentle rain.

It makes you think, “Wow!  This isn’t so bad. The storm has eased.”

It’s like being lulled into a false sense of security.

Then, the back wall of the storm hits.  And many times, it’s when the major damage takes place.

As far as the markets are concerned, the first quarter of 2020, The Year of Chaos, seemed like a CAT 5 hurricane made landfall.

Since then, the month of April is looking calmer.  The skies are clearing and we’re getting glimpses of sunshine poking through the clouds.

However, we may still be in the eye of the storm.

This begs the question:  “Will the back wall of this storm be more damaging than what we’ve already seen?”

Let’s do some math.

In the last month we’re closing in on over 23 Million jobs lost…with the prospects of most of them NEVER coming back.

Let that sink in for a moment.

We have megalomaniacs like Bill Gates – and his minion, Dr. Fart – screaming that we must remain on lockdown (for up to 18 MONTHS) until THEY come up with a vaccine.

Meanwhile the sheeple are starting to get their stimulus check for $1,200.

Ironically (or NOT) it probably won’t cover one month’s living expenses.

Adding gasoline to this already Towering Inferno is the deception that most sheeple can make more money by going on unemployment than they can by working.

I asked one sheep;  “How long are they gonna pay you to not work?”

Sheep:  “Weeellllll, I don’t knnnoooooowww. But I’m gonnnnnaaaa taaaaaakkke the moonnnnneeeyyyy as long as theyyyyyyyyy’re giiiiiiiiivvvvinnng it to Meeeeeeee.”

When I asked:  “Where do you think all this money is coming from?”

I got the deer in the headlights stare.

Needless to say, this thought process won’t end well.

This is why we’ve been saying that you shouldn’t be surprised if the market has another Pukefest – possibly before the end of the second quarter – where we see the DOW test the 17,000-17,500 level…or possibly 15,000…GASP!

Will that be the bottom of the market?

Read the April edition of “…In Plain English” to find out:








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