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A Question for Bill Gates


Do you remember when Microsoft went public?

I do.

It took off like a rocket.  And since they went public on March 13, 1986, the company’s stock has grown 89,000%.

Pretty impressive.

However, 34 years later you would think that they would’ve found a way to create an operating system that was immune to any virus.

Ironically (or NOT) Bill Gates – who can’t keep his software from getting a virus – wants you to believe that he’s going to create a vaccine that will keep everyone from getting the Kung Flu.


Maybe he should create a vaccination for Microsoft’s programmers before they design any new operating systems.

Or maybe everyone should first look at his track record of creating vaccines and the damage they’ve done…especially in India. (HERE)

In the last 20 years we’ve come to learn a lot more about Bill Gates than his Microsoft fame.

Here’s a sampling of what we know.

  • He is fearful of overpopulation.
  • He wants CO2 to be zero.
  • He’s funding vegetarian enterprises.
  • He wants to chip everyone and…
  • He’s a climate change supporter.


This makes no sense. Why would you want to vaccinate everyone in the world to live longer if you are afraid of overpopulation and climate change?

This is like being long and short at the same time in the same market with the same size positions on both sides.

I have a question for Bill Gates.

What is the hidden agenda here?

COVID-19 will now be part of the annual flu season.

Unfortunately, by keeping everyone locked down, we’ve prevented our natural immune system from building a defense against the Kung Flu.

In Plain English, this means the virus will be prolonged…all because a megalomaniac wants to create a vaccination so he can chip everyone according to the ID2020 agenda.

Ask yourself this question:  How can you expect this to work when countless millions of people get flu shots every year and they still get the common flu?

Is it possible someone wants to use this virus as a way to reduce the elderly population?

How convenient would that be to eliminate the pension and social liabilities for the baby-boomers?

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What is the hidden agenda?


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