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No More “Kicking the Can” Down the Road


While the whole world focuses on Covid-19/Kung Flu and ignoring the unmeasurable destruction to the global economy, no one seems to worried about the consequences associated with it.

In fact, it appears everyone is missing the big picture.

I’m not talking about the 22+ million lost jobs in America alone (SO FAR).

Nor am I referring to the mass paranoia/hysteria the sheeple have adopted as a “normal” way of life today.  (I’m Scared…Stay Away From Me…Everyone is Infected…ARrrggghhhhh!)

And I’m not referring to the sinister agenda of megalomaniacs like Bill Gates who insists we remain on lockdown – further destroying our economy – until he and his minions create a vaccine for a virus that’s ONE TENTH as harmful as the normal flu.

Those points are mind-boggling in and of themselves.

However, the GODZILLA in the room has been, and still is, the DEBT BUBBLE.

It’s nothing new but it popped back in September when the REPO Market froze in it’s tracks until the FED stepped in and has since pumped over $9 TRILLION to keep it floating.

So now, thanks to the Kung Flu distraction, everyone is defaulting on their debt.  And we’re only in the early stages of defaults. 

From consumer debt, mortgages, to landlords, to commercial buildings, retail, office, and the majority of rental space, there’s no end in sight.

It doesn’t matter why they’re defaulting…the dominoes are starting to fall.

These are the consequences of not dealing with the bubble that popped in 2008 (Thanks to former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke).

And 2008 was a result of not dealing with the bubble that popped in 2001 (Thanks to former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan).

Those two are responsible for the now famous “Kicking the Can Down the Road” approach to fixing our nation’s problems.

Instead of covering everything with debt, they should’ve let the banks go under and let the free markets pick up the pieces and rebuild from there.

But NOooooo!

They gave the banksters a pass – twice – and now we’re feeling the consequences.

In other words, the Fed’s “Kicking the Can” down the road policy has run into a dark alley with no way out.

What’s at stake here is the collapse of the global banking system.

And 99% of the world is clueless.

Don’t be part of that 99%.

Learn how to profit AND thrive during these Turbulent Times and keep the banksters from stealing from you.

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