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2020’s Election…A Replay of 1968, or Worse?

2019, The Political Year from Hell is the opening act for the 2020 election…and the current mood is eerily familiar to what happened in 1968.

For those of you too young to remember the summer of 1968, let me recap it for you.

The Democrat convention was held in Chicago.

It was met with tens of thousands of protestors against the Vietnam war and the political status quo.   

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley hired a goon squad that was determined to squash any form of protest.

Outside the convention protestors were attacked by police. They scattered every which way, blindly falling over each other as the tear gas became overwhelming.

The police attacked and beat them with clubs and often didn’t stop when someone was subdued on the ground.

Eyewitnesses reported it was a scene of unrestrained bloodshed and chaos.  

Later, the police defended their actions claiming the protestors shouldn’t have broken curfew or resisted arrest.

It was ugly to say the least.

But, to get a better understanding of why the convention was so violent you need to see what happened prior to the summer of ’68.

  1. The Democrat party was in crisis mode. 
  2. Lyndon Johnson was loathed by many of his peers and constituents due to his pro-Vietnam War policies.
  3. The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in April left the country reeling.
  4. The Vietnam War was in its 13th year.  The recent Tet Offensive proved the conflict was far from over.  Thousands of young men were being drafted and sent to Vietnam.
  5. Robert Kennedy (the likely winner) was assassinated on June 4, 1968 by a Muslim.

A showdown was inevitable.

Today (over 50 years later) we’re facing a storm brewing from hatred and divisive political tactics that could make the 1968 convention look like a picnic.

You should expect many surprises from the markets as this political storm gains strength.

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You’ll thank us later.

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