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What’s Left of Ukraine…

Even though it’s no longer headline news, what’s left of Ukraine after its plundering by the West will probably go back to Russian territory.


Let’s face it.

Ukraine is a money laundering cesspool where US tax money and weapons go to Nazi Zelensky in exchange for farming land given to US big banks.

So why isn’t this headline news anymore.

Russia never said it would take 6 weeks to win the entire war.

The presstitutes said it.

But Russia did however cripple Ukraine’s defenses and drove to the outskirts of Kyiv in 6 weeks.

The only reason they didn’t enter is because they didn’t have to.

So. now they get to bleed the west and Ukraine of money; weapons, troops and supplies for as long as the west wants to feel the pain.

And you can bet the pain will be right after Europeans get their first energy bill into winter.

This is way better than Putin could have ever imagined.

And the sanctions from the West have made Russia’s economy soar.

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How people still think Russia is losing is beyond me.

Remember, Putin has the gas and oil Europe desperately needs.

What’s Left of Ukraine?

What we’re not hearing from Stinky Joe’s handlers is how Ukraine has already been plundered by American corporations.

Monsanto, Cargill and Dupont have already bagged 17 million hectares of prime, fertile arable land…which is over half of what Ukraine still possesses.

Again, the Presstitutes fail to tell you that it has been going on since 2014.

Why, you ask?

The Chernozem, or black soil, is very fertile and much sought after.

In Europe, it stretches from the North of Serbia via Ukraine into Siberia.

But here’s the kicker.

GMOs are mostly banned in the EU.

So now the Boyz will try it in Ukraine.

As we’ll continue to say, the plundering of Ukraine’s assets by Western companies is something that is underreported. 

And if you’re wondering why Ukraine is flying under the radar lately, it’s because there’s nothing heroic about pillaging a nations resources while laundering money for the banksters.

War is a racket.


And in 2023 it will become more widespread.

How are you prepared to deal with it?

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