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When is Market Manipulation NOT Manipulation?

Answer:  When you’re a major US bank controlling the silver market.

As you know by now, we don’t like to mention names directly accusing anyone or any group of possible wrong doing.

So, were not saying that manipulation of the silver market for the last ten years running has been masterfully orchestrated by any single entity (COUGH! JPMorgan COUGH!).

What we will tell you is to look at the facts posted by alleged industry “watchdogs.”  (Namely the CFTC [Commodities Futures Trading Commission] and the CME [Commodities Metals Exchange]).

Their data clearly states the following:

  • There is an entity that’s held a consistently large SHORT position (betting the price will fall) in Silver.

  • Their gamble on the price of silver falling is larger in terms of actual world production than in any other commodity.

  • We also know that this large entity has had the largest short position in silver for over the last decade.

  • The amazing part is this “entity” has NEVER had a loss in the last decade. (A stunningly perfect trading record would be an understatement.)


No one trades anything for 10 years without a loss…unless, of course the system is rigged in its favor.

But here’s what really grinds me.

This same “entity” (Cough! JPM Cough!) has managed to acquire the largest physical stock pile of silver in history.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Now, do the math.

If you can manipulate the price of any commodity down and simultaneously acquire the biggest stash of that commodity (at a huge discount) you then must be expecting a huge upside.

Although “regulators” allow these criminal actions to take place, you can legally make a fortune with two simple steps.

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