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Designer Masks for the Socially Conscious Wannabes


It was only a matter of time before they showed up.

One of the things that Makes America Great is, no matter what the state of the world is in, people find a way to turn a bad situation into a profitable one.

This is not about capitalism per se, but it certainly flies in the face of the Socialist/Marxist agenda that left leaners try to force on us 24/7.

Unlike Communist style masks – where they all look alike and are the same style – innovative Americans have created Designer Masks for the Socially Conscious.

Even celebrities are in on the latest craze like the one below:


Of course, it’s hard to tell if Aaahhhnnollld actually endorsed the above design – which would result in a lawsuit – but, hey, entrepreneurs know that it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.

Notice that the creator of the mask is emphasizing Premium Cloth Masks extolling the virtues of supposedly all-natural materials – thus limiting the amount of “OFF GASSING” associated with wearing masks.  (Read about Off Gassing HERE)

Even if the masks don’t contain toxic chemicals derived from petroleum products (Cough! Polyester, Rayon, Cough!), they still force you to breathe in the bacteria and carbon dioxide that you would normally expel from your otherwise healthy body.


Ironically (or NOT), these designer masks enable the socially conscious wannabes to channel their hysteria virtue of being a warrior against the Black Plague (Hey! Is saying Black Plague racist?) while sporting a face diaper with a favorite celebrity on the front.


A thought just occurred to me.

If the mask is made out of cloth, what’s in the dye used to paint the picture on the front?

Oh well, socially conscious warriors can’t be bothered with details like that.  They’re more concerned about why YOU don’t want to wear a mask.  And that you’re a reckless loose-cannon who should be arrested.

Think I’m kidding?

Start paying attention when you see someone pointing their phone in your direction when you’re out and not wearing a mask.

In the meantime, if you want to have some fun, while aggravating the Just Wear the Mask crowd, stock up on some designer masks while supplies last…and don’t forget to get some for the kids.

Speaking of while supplies last, you only have a few more days until the best value for your money newsletter disappears…July 31st.








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