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Eat Goya and Drink Red Bull


“Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”

~Alexander Solzhenitsyn~

Finally, another corporation steps up to the mask wearing/antifa/BurnLootMurder crowd by eliminating “WOKE” diversity directors.

Red Bull recently fired two “Diversity Directors” who tried to force the company into virtue signaling about Black Lives Matter.  They also dissolved several ‘culture teams’ who pressured Red Bull to take a more aggressive “Woke” political stance.

Kudos for the 76-year-old billionaire owner, Dietrich Mateschitz, who has previously spoken out against political correctness.

Mateschitz and Goya founder Don Prudencio Unanue, are shining examples of what made America Great in the first place.

They stand by their principles and refuse to cave to the ridiculous “woke” demands of the liberal left.

Ironically (or NOT) neither one is from America (Cough! wake-up call for CEO’s Cough! Cough!).

Speaking of wake-up calls, according to Revolver News:

“Red Bull has just shown the way forward for all who want to prevent a total Marxist-style takeover of business and government in America,” 


A good CEO is about shareholder value and doesn’t use the trust of his office to push a political agenda.

All I can say is “Thank God someone is standing up to the cultural agitators who constantly try to bring politics into businesses.”

Long ago I asked a corporate friend of mine “What exactly do ‘diversity directors’ do?

He replied: “They create a space for enabling a context where diverse sharing can occur and “wokeness” can permeate the corporate culture.”

Diverse sharing…Wokeness?


Unfortunately, he didn’t appreciate my sense of humor when I asked: “So, does that have anything to do with them campaigning to fire all the white males?”

But I digress.

The good news is companies like Red Bull and Goya are not alone.

As political and cultural pressure continues to backfire on the Marxist/Socialist agenda, you should expect more positive responses to the actions of Red Bull and Goya CEO’s.

I’ve never had a Red Bull drink but I’m about to change my mind.

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