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Take-Out for Two Costs How Much?


It’s truly a shame how so many great restaurants have been destroyed lately by the Billionaire boyz club New Green World Order agenda.

The good restaurants that are still around are quivering at the thought of Lockdown #2.

Of course, the “Just Wear the Mask” morons don’t give a rip about businesses closing, people losing their jobs, and their homes, which is leading us to a total breakdown of civilization as we once knew it.

From the beginning of the CoronaHoax, my wife and I have supported many restaurants – who’ve struggled to stay alive – by using their Take-Out and/or delivery options.

We learned that one of the advantages of take-out dinners is you can drink all you want (at your home) and not worry about driving AND save lots of money in the process.

However, eating take-out all the time gets expensive…even if you’re not eating at fancy steak houses.

To illustrate this point, we ordered take-out for two at a local Carrabba’s style Italian restaurant.

You know what I’m talking about…nothing fancy, but good Italian food.

We ordered one appetizer, two entrees, and one desert.  All in, with tax, tip (and a modest CoronaVirus surcharge), the bill came to over $75.00.

That seemed like a lot for a mid-priced restaurant.

But it got me thinking about how these struggling restaurants – and many other small businesses – are going to survive.

In the big picture, $75 is not a lot of money.

However, how much value are you getting for your money from one meal (take-out)?

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