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Democracy Killed in Colorado?

The recent Colorado Supreme Court decision to disqualify Trump from the ballot looks like Democracy was killed in Colorado.




And in the process, they have declared Trump guilty without a trial by a jury.


Removing Trump from the ballot in Colorado demonstrates that the court itself is a political cesspool of corruption.







The 4 Justices who made this ruling (Richard Gabriel, Melissa Hart, Monica Marquez, and William Hood III) should be criminally charged for violating the Constitution.




Because they issued this decision denying Due Process of Law in a criminal matter implied by the 14th Amendment to a trial by jury, violating the Sixth Amendment and the 14th Amendment’s Due Process Clause.


Unlike the January 6th demonstrations, this truly was a staged insurrection against the US Constitution and the foundation of American liberty.


And in case you missed it, the Colorado Supreme Court is an all-Democrat-appointed court.



Not Just Killed in Colorado



Democracy has been killed not just in Colorado but for the entire nation…destroying the rule of law in the process.


Trump is entitled to a trial by jury, and he MUST be found guilty FIRST of insurrection under 18 USC 2383, and then, AND ONLY THEN, would the 14th Amendment apply.



Ironically (or NOT) the rule of law is the alternative to force.


And when there is no rule of law left standing to settle disputes in a civilized manner, then the only alternative becomes violence.


These judges are sentencing the United States to civil war.


And the fact that the Department of Justice does NOT criminally charge anyone pushing this argument demonstrates that the Democrats and the O’Biden administration is behind this.


Translation:  Keep Trump from running for President regardless of the cost.


They don’t care what laws they break in the process.

And as we’ve written before, we may not have a 2024 election.



READ: Is This Our Last Legit Election? November 7, 2022 (HERE).



These people are out of control.  And they are tearing apart the very foundation of civilization.


And if they can’t keep Trump from running, we fear they will resort to assassination when all else fails.


If that happens, they will blame some Mexicans and/or  illegal immigrants.


Or claim it was suicide.



Everything they have done to Trump – to satisfy their tyrannical agenda – is coming to a head.


And with Colorado putting another nail in the coffin of killing Democracy, the hatred against Trump is undermining the confidence in the government.


Meanwhile, the stock market continues its Santa Claus rally…and most people (as usual) are missing it.


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