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Delta Airlines ‘Variant’ Moment…Fining the Unvaxxed

It’s official.  Delta Airlines has committed suicide after announcing they’ll be fining the Unvaxxed employees.

Unvaccinated employees have until November 1st to get the jab.

If not then they’ll be fined $200 per month.

Delta will also mandate weekly testing for anyone not vaccinated by mid-September.

These people give new meaning to the word “stupid.”

Case in point: CEO, Ed Bastian said “With this week’s announcement that the FDA has granted full approval for the Pfizer vaccine, the time for you to get vaccinated is now.”

Maybe someone should inform this fool that the FDA HAS NOT given full approval to Pfizer.  (Read Friday’s email HERE)

Bastian said they’re also addressing the “Financial Risks” associated with Covid.



Fairness in Fining the Unvaxxed?

So, in an effort to be fair, does that mean that Delta will now start imposing fines on the obese?  Smokers? Alcoholics? Etc.  Because they clearly contribute to healthcare costs.

In fact, not only is obesity the leading cause of preventable deaths in the US, it costs tons of resources to manage every year (no pun intended).

And obesity increases many risks, especially when you get an illness…including Covid.

By the way, this violates HIPPA.

Meanwhile, the lawyers are looking at this like a starving wolf looks at a bloody steak. (Pun intended)

But there’s a clever trick here.

You see, Government can’t Mandate (whether something is approved or not approved) something that would break your Human Rights.

Ironically (or NOT) they’re bound to uphold those rights.

Because that would open up another Pandora’s Box.

So, the Boyz in DC have to convince Corporations (supposedly without coercion) to freely impose mandates like Delta and United Airlines have done.


Corporations are NOT bound to uphold your Human Rights.

So, it becomes a condition of employment…or lack thereof.

Here’s another thing they’re not saying.

Once you’re fully vaccinated, you will no longer be considered Fully Vaccinated after 6 to 8 months.

And after that you’ll need to be jabbed with booster shots to maintain your Fully Vaccinated status.

Adding insult to potential personal injury YOU will likely have to pay for the boosters.

And, of course, the prices will be higher.


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