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Cue Up the Darth Vader Music

You all know it.

The impending doom pounding through your speakers when Darth Vader comes onto the scene…”DON, DON, DON.  Don DE Don, Don DE Don.”

In this case, the DON refers to Donald Trump.

At least that’s how the Whores of Babylon Media see it.

Last week Trump revoked Ex-CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance.

It caused no small stir.

Personally, I wondered what took him so long.

After all, didn’t Brennan accuse Trump of being “treasonous” without any proof?

Of course, the presstitutes sounded the trumpets and sided with Brennan against Trump.

Look at it this way.  If you owned a big company and one of your top managers openly criticized you in front of the world, how long would he be working for you?

Adding insult to the presstitutes injury, Trump continues to lash out against the lap-dog media over their censorship of conservative narrative…Especially on social media.

The major spy networks (AKA, Social Media), are showing signs of crumbling.  The cracks in their structure are becoming bigger and obvious.

The social-engineering experiment by these giants is failing.

But we can’t give all the credit to Trump for exposing the truth.

Our millennials have been leading the charge for years…and they’re moving on to the next generation in social media.

Does that mean FB, Twitter, etc. are going to disappear?


It does portend to a decline in their stock price.

As you know by now, we don’t make specific recommendations on stocks.  However, you should consider selling some of those stocks.

So, when do you sell?

We remind you of an old Wall Street adage:  “It’s better to be six months early than one day late.”

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