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Alex Jones Censorship is Just the Beginning

By now, most of you have heard or read about how Facebook, Twitter, etc., have censored Alex Jones and his Infowars program.  (We first wrote about it HERE).

This should be big news.  However, it’s quietly being contained by you know who.

It’s flat out dangerous.  Mostly because the combined censorship* of AJ is a harbinger for the digital execution of the first amendment.

(* My personal Facebook page and our Financials Matter page has been repeatedly shut down/censored recently.  It all started with (This Email).

What’s surprising (or maybe not) is the casual reaction of the masses.

It’s like, “Oh, that’s too bad for Alex Jones.  At least I can still post selfies on Facebook.”

Hopefully you don’t feel that way.  But you should be alarmed of the fact that an abnormal amount of sheeple are totally missing the point.  (Or they simply don’t care…which is even more alarming).

The social media phenomenon has morphed into a massive global spy network invading every bit of your privacy.

Ironically, we believe it was designed for this exact same purpose.  And it’s been cleverly disguised as a means of expressing ourselves.

George Orwell must be rolling over in his grave.

The good news is, the ingenuity of man always finds new and exciting ways to improve our lives.

And so shall it be with social media.

Example:  If you are old enough to remember when cable TV was introduced, you’ll recall people saying, “Why should I pay for TV when I get it for free?”

Well, we know how that worked out.

Today we’re seeing innovative social media platforms gaining traction that who are charging small fees.  The major difference between this and cable TV is that you can also earn money back from them.

Learn more about how you can profit from it (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.

And share this with a friend.

They’ll thank YOU later.


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