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When Will Katy Bar the Door?

Among all the negative hype you see every day like: “Markets are Crashing,…We Haven’t Seen This since 1929,…or 5 Signs the Markets Will Lose 70% in the Next Month,” one thing remains consistent.

The Doom Porn addicts are wrong.  They’ve been wrong since 2011 and will continue to be wrong until the Most Hated Bull Market in history runs out of gas.

But when will that happen?

When will Katie bar the door?  (The expression Katie bar the door means take precautions; there’s trouble ahead).

We’ve learned from past experiences that predictions of this nature are a fool’s game…which is why we don’t make them.

Instead we prefer to show you how to “Connect the Dots” of the global puzzle.  And, hopefully show you how to see the freight train barreling down the tracks, so you can get out of the way.  (HERE)

First, take a look at why we don’t believe the world is coming to an end as promoted by the lap-dog media.

Trump is using tariffs to force a better trade deal.

This gives strength to our dollar, brings money home, tax breaks for companies who participate and a host of other benefits for our economy.

Sounds good so far, right?

We are, however, seeing early signs of events that eventually disrupt the global markets.  Here’s a few:

When you see cracks inside the Euro and Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt combined with dollar strength and capital flow of epic proportions, it’s time to pay closer attention.

We’ve written before (HERE) that the world comes unglued when US dollar rises to mind boggling levels.

When will that happen?

It may take several years while frustrating most investors along the way.

Don’t be frustrated.

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