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Crunch Time Question, If Trump Wins???

After the polls close today millions of Americans will anxiously wait to see what happens if Trump wins or if Biden wins.

At the same time, the markets will be jockeying for position to take advantage of whether Trump wins or if Biden wins.

From the beginning we’ve been confident and explained to you how, if Trump wins, you can expect the markets to go crazy.

At the same time, we’ve also said that if Biden wins, the markets will go crazy.

However, crazy is often a crazy word to describe…especially in today’s crazy world.

Cue up:

The Crazy Polls

Polls tend to be wrong especially when they’re pushing an agenda.

And in this case, the crazy polls had Biden ahead by as much as 24%.

These pollsters jokers are clearly trying to influence people by showing that Biden is the choice of the people.


Just look at the rallies and you’ll see how the “Polls” are clearly attempting to manipulate the public.

The Markets Reaction When Trump Wins


So, in this case we’re going to show you how the markets SHOULD respond to both situations.

Let’s start with a Trump victory.

But, before we do, we ask that you remember how; The Markets Don’t Care About Your Feelings, Nor Do They Care What You Think Should Happen.

Fair enough?


As we’ve said – many times before – the best way to determine market trends is to follow the global flow of money (Capital).

Therefore, it ALWAYS SEEKS the safest harbor.

If you objectively look at the world, you’ll see that the good old USA is still the safest place to be.

Europe is a basket case and the “smart money” there has been gravitating to America by the billions.

That will only increase with a Trump Victory.

Do the math.

More money pouring into this country = more money invested in our stock market.

If Biden wins, the fear of increasing instability will scare money away.

Or – In Plain English – the markets should tank.

Conclusion:  Orange Man Good.  Creepy Joe Bad.

Either way, you should expect volatility to be off the charts from now and into 2021, The Year of the GREAT RESET.

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