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Covid…A Rehearsal for WW3?

People have been asking us if Covid was mostly a rehearsal for WW3.


The simple answer is, yes.


But…and this is a very Big Butt…


Now that Israel is officially in a war, it won’t be long before the Neocons war tentacles spread across the globe.


As we’ve said many times before, WW3 is being forced on the world by the Neocons as an excuse for governments to default on their TRILLIONS of Sovereign Debt.


And it’s also a very convenient way for the Uber Corrupt Governments – and tree huggers – to force “Climate Change” down our throats.



READ: Climate Change…the Cover for Default  November 1, 2022 (HERE)




Try to take a step back from all the madness with war in Ukraine and now Israel and you’ll see how O’Biden – and most other global leaders – are incredibly compromised from pushing the clot shot.


And it’s soooo obvious that the COVID lockdowns were created as an exercise in controlling the sheep.



Because people can be controlled easier if they feel threatened by some boogie man.


Joseph Goebbels proved that.



Rehearsal for WW3




Now, add in how most of the WEST has also been incredibly compromised over the utter failure in Ukraine and you can see how they desperately need to shift the focus to another part of the world.


And their old standard is the Middle-East.




Because after over 500,000 Ukrainian citizens have died and more than 10 Million+ have fled the country the Middle-East is the perfect place for a “Look here, don’t look there” distraction.


Of course, the bought-and-paid-for Presstitutes will do their part to try and convince you how the cavemen in Hamas were able to attack Israel all by themselves.


To that we’ll simply say: “How dumb can you get and still breathe?”


So now, by shifting the focus away from Ukraine and on to Israel (As a rehearsal for WW3) Covid or a new variant will somehow be reenacted.


And don’t be surprised if we start seeing more food shortages, inflation, and civil unrest.

Because that will be their excuse to bring back lockdowns.

Then once they can blame everything on WW3, they will impose new demands for us to follow and/or force us to comply.


That way most people won’t pay much attention on the default of our $33 Trillion + debt.


But your investments will respond.


Learn how to avoid the oncoming massive disruptions in the market in our October issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


And share this with a friend…especially if they say goofy things like: “It won’t happen here.”




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