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Israel’s 9/11 on Steroids

Some people are calling the recent Hamas terrorist attack Israel’s 9/11.

This may be true.


But if you do the math and adjust the amount of people murdered in both cases – based it on population – it would be Israel’s 9/11 times 13.



And, if so, then Trump was right again.


Flashback to September 11, 2023 after O’Biden gave $6 Billion to Iran and Trump said:


“This decision will be extremely deadly. Biden is giving $6 billion to the world’s leading sponsor of state terrorism,” Trump said, promising that the funds would be used for immediate violence and to enhance Iran’s nuclear weapons program.



Israel’s 9/11 is Worse Than You Think



Sad to say, this is the unofficial beginning of WW3.




Because now Iran sees Palestine as the West sees Ukraine – cannon fodder for a proxy war – AND Disposable.


The Iranian Parliament was seen chanting “DEATH TO ISRAEL. DEATH TO AMERICA” on the day the attacks began.


And Palestine has an even more powerful ally – CHINA.


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in June for a three-day visit. “We have always firmly supported the just cause of the Palestinian people to restore their legitimate national rights,” Xi stated.


Adding gasoline to this towering inferno, Russia now sees how the West is about to stretch their resources extremely thin.


But with war breaking out in the Middle East, it’s good to know we have a full strategic oil reserve in case fuel becomes an issue.

Oh, Wait!

O’Biden drained it so he could lower gas prices for the mid-terms.

(Sorry/not sorry for the sarcasm)



Israel’s 9/11 Gets Worse



China may also prove to be the main victor.


Because the West is now distracted with two separate wars, both of which China has managed to avoid direct participation in…for now.


Meanwhile, the pimp in Ukraine is blaming the Israel Gaza conflict on Putin. *


(* Note… If Zelensky had announced this in front of the US Congress, he would have received a standing ovation.  The truth is he is bitter because he is no longer belle of the ball.)


Zelensky says this even as Mike “barely a half” Pence blames this on Trump.


The hatred of Putin and Trump by these two “little men” is sickening.


They should be co-authors in a neoconservative children’s book “Everything Bad in the World is the Fault of People I Don’t Like.”


And Speaking of hatred, there’s nothing better to stoke the fires of hatred than videos of Israeli babies being decapitated and shown on social media.



Unfortunately, and as a result, the lines have been drawn in the sand and sides have been solidified.


The West is now deeply involved in two proxy wars and there is no going back.


Stay tuned for a Special Report on how War affects the global markets (HERE).


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