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China Proves Lockdowns DON’T Work

Ironically (or NOT), China’s economy has recovered far more rapidly than the rest of the world.  And, consequently, proving that Lockdowns DON’T work.

So, before the O’Biden/Hologram administration decides to start lockdowns in the US (Again) they need to take a lesson from the East.

China’s estimating their growth for 2020 to be about 2.3%.  And they’re expecting it to surge in 2021 to anywhere between 5-8%.

This rejects the total nonsense of lockdowns – which are basically destroying businesses everywhere.

So, why can’t the Western world see this?

Instead, the West is obsessed on using the CoronaHoax to advance their nefarious agenda for Climate Change.

Carbon Neutral by 2060?

Recently, at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a pledge to become carbon-neutral by 2060.

And he purposely snubbed the 2030 date set by the WEF crew.

Xi – who’s quite adept at playing the international game – said that China will continue to promote sustainable development.

And look at the subtlety in one of his statements: “I have announced China’s goal of striving to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060.”


That was sharp backhand across the face of the Gates, Soros, and Schwab triumvirate.

You can rest assured they will try to pressure Xi to meet their 2030-time frame.

But that will fail.

Lockdowns Don’t Work

Unlike Xi, the WEF triumvirate has been destroying the global economy behind the curtain with lockdowns.

And they’re trying to convince us it will reduce Co2.

As a result, it has weakened economies in the West.

Ironically (or NOT) in addition to criticizing the US trade wars with China, Xi warned that any conflict between Beijing and Washington would be bad for the entire world.


He also warned everyone not to “meddle” in China’s affairs concerning international geopolitical relations.

Translation: “Hey, O’Biden/Hologram! Keep your nose out of our actions in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Taiwan, and Tibet.”

Are you Connecting the Dots, yet?

China is making all the right moves towards being the financial capital of the world.

And within the next decade they will take over as the new World Reserve Currency.

It’s already baked in the cake.

But instead of freaking out about it, learn how to prosper from the inevitable shift in trends in our February edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

It’s Not Just About Finance.



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