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Why Bill Gates Wants 10 More Weeks of Lockdown


In a recent Op-ed – from the Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post – Bill Gates called for an additional 10 Weeks Lockdown across America.

Isn’t it bad enough that our economy has been laid to waste in the last few weeks?

The jobs lost and the destruction of the world economy so far has been unbelievable.

We can’t even begin to assess the damage and yet this moron wants us to endure another 10 Weeks?

Gates is rapidly becoming the most dangerous man in America along with George Soros.

Ironically (or NOT) between the Gate’s foundation and Soros’ Open Society Foundations, there is a major funding effort to kill Democracy when it opposes their agenda.

On March 20, we wrote an article: Is Bill Gates the Anti-Christ? (You should read it again HERE) illustrating how he’s pushing a frightening agenda.

Here’s an excerpt:


Gates has also sought to impose mandatory chips in you.

It gets creepier…

They (Gates, Microsoft, The United Nations, and WHO) are trying to merge this idea with the nefarious ID2020 agenda…which conveniently combines vaccines and implantable devices…Go ahead, Google it.


Reality Check Time:  The Covid-19 virus existed in the 2018-2019 flu season.

Read that again, slowly.

As we’ve been saying, there’s a nefarious agenda behind this whole Covid-19/Coronavirus/Kung Flu farce.

So, if the boyz in the “Club” knew about this last year – and they did – yet didn’t notify anyone nor prepare for it this year, doesn’t that make them culpable?

Unfortunately, there are far too many “Club” members who truly are “above the law.”

These are also the same people pulling off the biggest power grab in history.

And their next move will bring about the dreaded “Pukefest” in the market, forcing most investors to bail out from fear of losing EVERYTHING.

We expect it to happen soon…very soon.

So, be sure to read our April edition of “…In Plain English” where we show you how to recognize a bottom in the market.

At the same time, you’ll hopefully see the opportunity of your lifetime.


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