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Cathartic Asset Redeployment…Seriously?

Wall Street Banksters try to impress you with their vocabulary and written skills.  And in the process, they’ll say things like Cathartic Asset Redeployment.


It’s their way of saying “We’re smart and you’re not.”  It’s also why they believe you should heed their advice.

Truth is, they’re trying to impress themselves while confusing the masses.

A Cathartic Asset

Example:  Recently I heard a pompous jerk Guru/analyst describing a company by saying “This company recently employed a CATHARTIC ASSET REDEPLOYMENT.”

If you’re like me, you read that phrase and thought…Huh?

I had to look up the definition of cathartic.  It literally means (1) of or relating to catharsis, (2) Also, cathartical, evacuating the bowels: purgative.

I think the second definition is a more accurate description of the analysts who use these stupid terms. They are full of s***…and need their own catharsis.

Speak in Plain English, Please

This alleged guru/analyst wannabe was referring to a company who recently closed several divisions, fired a lot of people, and took drastic measures to keep from going bankrupt.

So, instead of saying it “…In Plain English” (like I just did) Mr. guru/analyst wannabe chose the cathartic route.

Hey, Dude!  No one is impressed with your ivy league vocabulary.  (Except your overlords, who tell you what to say).

How much do they pay you to write this dribble?

This is one of the many reasons why 90% of what Wall Street puts out as “research” never gets read by the public or their peers.

And this is precisely why we publish “…In Plain English (LINK) for you.

We cut through the confusion so you don’t waste time trying to make sense of something that’s relatively simple.

See for yourself…go (HERE) now.

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