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Discrimination, Making America Great Since the 1890s


Now that race wars are in the headlines again, the mere mention of discrimination is bound to infuriate the sheeple.

However, discrimination played an important role in making America great.

Let me explain.

Many of our great grandparents came here in the late 1890s from Europe and were thrilled at the privilege of being in the land of opportunity.

They weren’t the least bit offended when they were told that in order to get a job, they had to learn to speak English.

No English, no job.

Unlike today’s racist immigrants, they quickly learned to speak English.

It’s pretty simple when you think about it.

Assimilating to a country’s native language and culture was expected.  Especially if you wanted to succeed by chasing the American Dream.

In fact, it was the driving force of the massive European immigration to America in the early 20th century.

They never considered having to speak English nor assimilating to our culture as being racist.

They helped Make American Great AND the most powerful industrial nation on the planet.

More importantly, they were thrilled to have that opportunity.

Sad to say how things have radically changed.

Cue up today’s deadbeats coming here for all the freebies including healthcare.

But here’s the rub.

Their free healthcare is paid for by Americans who are forced to buy healthcare or pay a penalty. (Thanks, Obamacare)

What’s wrong with this picture?

Ironically (or NOT) creepy politicians today are encouraging this mind set in order to get more votes.

Unfortunately, and simultaneously, they’re also stoking the fires of hatred that have turned “Peaceful Protestors” into violent mobs running rampant and destroying cities all across America.

Question:  Don’t you find it strange that in America our flag and culture offend so many people…but our benefits don’t?

Please note:  2020, The Year of Chaos is still in its early stages.

Divisive Distractions – aka Race Wars and discrimination – aren’t going to quietly disappear before the election.

Instead they’ll be a political weapon the 1% use to continue to divide our nation.


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We’re in the early stage of changes like we’ve never seen in our lifetime, so don’t wait.

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