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Cancel Thanksgiving AND Christmas/Welcome Moronavirus

As 2020, The Year of Chaos winds down, you shouldn’t be surprised that certain mayors/governors are trying to cancel Thanksgiving AND Christmas

And, as the threat of Lockdowns 2.0 looms under a potential new administration, we’re all in danger of contracting Moronavirus.

What’s next?

You’ll soon see states or cities requiring you to be tested for the CoronaHoax before you can visit them?

Oh, Wait! (Cough! New York, Cough!)

Not only is this madness never ending, it’s threatening to ruin the one time of the year where people at least attempt to act civilized.

Unless, of course, you’re shopping at Walmart for a big screen TV on Black Friday.

“Merry Chr &8%@&*…Ouch! Arghh! Get outta my way, Jerk!”

Why Cancel Thanksgiving AND Christmas?

It’s simple.

This has become the Globalists’ wet dream.



  1. Keeps people separated and at home (under the guise that grandma won’t die from being exposed to her potentially infected grandchildren).
  2. When families, friends, and neighbors can’t gather and talk, they are less likely to raise a resistance to these Draconian measures.
  3. It’s preparation for more global lockdowns (which ultimately destroy more economies and jobs)
  4. It causes more depression, suicide mental illness and STARVATION.
  5. As a result, it allows The GREAT RESET to be implemented.


And the GREAT RESET is the next step towards mandatory vaccination, basic guaranteed income, and total dependence on government to bail out the sheeple.

We call it the Moronavirus.

This is no joke, folks.

Our history is being systematically erased.

Example: (tearing down statues and voiding the Constitution, totally destroying the election process, etc.).

And somehow these MORONS expect us to sit by and watch while they forbid us to celebrate two of the most important/family-oriented holidays in our nation?

Moronavirus is Real


As a result, this will only get worse as time goes on.

And we haven’t even considered the blowback from the final results of a Trump landslide.

So, even if you’re worried about the flu, don’t cancel Thanksgiving or Christmas.

And don’t be intimidated by a moronavirus agenda.

You never know if this will be the last holiday season you spend with family and friends.

Read that sentence again.

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It’s Not Just About Finance.

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