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40 Million Lost Jobs…in 10 WEEKS?


According to yesterday’s “official” jobless number we’ve lost over 40 Million jobs resulting from the CoronaFraud.

(We estimate the number is well over 50-60 million).

Put this in perspective.

It took 10 years to create 20 Million new payroll jobs (since 2010) and yet it only took 10 weeks to destroy 40 Million.

How do you reconcile that?

You don’t.

What’s going to happen is the government will eventually default on our debt.

Of course, that’s after they print multiple trillions of dollars to bail out their pensions and the banksters on Wall Street.

Ultimately that will fail too.  But it’s a good cover for the Congress Critters to fool the sheeple into believing they’re “looking out for the average citizen.”

Translation:  “We’ll steal everything we can from you before raising taxes and completing the final phase of economic destruction.”

It’s certainly not a pretty thought, but what’s it going to take for people to wake-up to the fact that the 40 Million – who are now out of work – can’t make their mortgage/rent payments?

Cue up the tsunami of CoronaFraud bankruptcies rushing to make landfall soon.

What’s scary is no one is talking about how, when people lose everything, they’ll take to the streets.

That’s when social distancing takes on a new meaning.

Nor is anyone talking about how division among families is taking its toll, let alone division between blacks, whites, Muslims, Asians, etc.

Add it all together and you should expect a huge increase in violence…especially before the election.

Meanwhile the stock market is up over 39% since the lows in March.

You read that right.

Ironically (or NOT) after the crash in 1929, the stock market recovered almost 40% within 22 weeks.

After that it lost nearly 90% of it’s value on into 1933.

I’m not saying that’s going to happen again (I’ll explain why in a minute) But the job loss comparison from the 1929 crash – 25% loss of employment – took nearly three years compared to our last 10 weeks.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Okay, about that 90% loss in ‘33, it’s not going to happen in today’s world because – unlike back in 1929 – politicians have a lot of money in the stock market…and they want YOU to get out.

Don’t take the bait.

The 1% needs the 99% to be wrong in order for them to make money…and they don’t care who they destroy in the process.

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40 million lost jobs






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