March 22, 2023

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Banksters and Bitcoin: Square Peg, Round Hole

By now you might be wondering: “When is all this Bitcoin Madness going to blow up?”

The short answer is: “It’s not.”

At least not in the sense that it’s going to quietly go away.

Yeah, we’ll have a shake-out sooner or later where thousands of people lose a small fortune in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

However, you are witnessing the beginning of one of the major transitions of currencies in history.

And the banksters are scrambling to play catch-up.

However, their main problem is their “same old same old” standard approach of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

These banksters continue to try and stick a “middle man” (themselves) into the cryptocurrency market.  That strategy has worked for centuries, but the “blockchain technology” that powers crypto’s, won’t allow it.

That’s the good AND bad news.

You see, the really BIG MONEY is not into this market yet. (It’s simply not big enough…yet.)  In the meantime, little guy is making a fortune…Yayyyy!

The Bitcoin(s) market needs to get up to the Trillion-dollar market before the institutions can effectively play in it (and do their dirty work).

To prove my point, the entire crypto market is about $408 Billion while the size of worldwide stock exchanges is over $93 TRILLION (crypto’s are roughly 0.05% of the value of global stocks).

See what I mean?

Cryptos are just getting started…and will soon be in the Trillion-dollar market.

When the “boyz in the Club” get in, they’ll start with the biggest names like Bitcoin and/or Ethereum.

So, as a precaution, you’d be safer starting with them as well.

Remember…there are risks involved.

Read more about them in our December issue of Simplifying Wall Street…in Plain English (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.