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America’s Takeover Has Been Breathtaking…So Far


If you take a step back and realize how – within a few short weeks – a “virus” has managed to:

  • Literally destroy our economy (most of those lost jobs aren’t coming back).
  • Steal most of our human rights.
  • Put our nation under Medical Martial Law.
  • Managed to convince the population that you are responsible for the deaths of countless of people if you don’t STAY AT HOME.
  • Condition us to believe that the global governments (who are looking at a global world order) are going to be our Knight in shining armor.
  • Pass a $6 TRILLION Stimulus bill ($2 Trillion going to struggling Americans and $4 Trillion to bail out the banksters AGAIN) that will ultimately be funded by us taxpayers.
  • Changed our lives to the point that you can’t go into most stores without reading signs about “Social Distancing…. keep back 6 feet.”
  • Limiting the amount of goods you can buy.
  • Pass laws saying people can’t gather in groups of four people or more.
  • Force those who are 65 and older to stay at home otherwise face a penalty and/or jail time.

Shall I continue?…Because I have a huge list of other obvious egregious things that are happening right under our collective noses.

How much more Orwellian does it need to get before we wake up?

What’s really mind-boggling to me is how quickly everyone – including logically thinking conservative people – has been kowtowed into submission.


We’re not a Communist nation but we’re surely acting like one.

You simply cannot shut down the whole world in a few weeks without an extremely well executed plan in advance.

If you’re not mad about this yet and believe that the boyz in the “Club” are going to make everything nicey-nice in a few months then you should NOT read our April newsletter.

However, if you want to see how to reverse this insidious takeover of our nation and be prepared to fight back, then be sure to read April’s edition of “…In Plain English.”

And share this with a friend…who just might be as pissed off as we are.

They’ll thank YOU later.






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