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No Karen, Your Insurance Didn’t Save You $449.97


The other day a friend of mine was very animated over how she saved $449.97 on a prescription drug.

She even showed me the receipt from her pharmacy that read:  “Your insurance saved you $449.97.”

I said: “wow, who’s your insurance company?”

She proudly responded “I’m on Medicare.”

I couldn’t help myself and said “sorry to burst your bubble, Karen, but you more than paid for that prescription over the 30+ years you paid into Medicare.”

She gave me that Scooby-do tilted head look, like HUH!

Unfortunately, my friend – like far too many people out there today – is of the belief that our government exists for the sole purpose of taking care of all of us…especially when we get older.


Don’t get me wrong, Medicare is and has been a great benefit for Americans.  But if you think the government is paying for your Medicare then you’re either very gullible or you have a few loose screws.

It’s kinda like the $1,200 check that everyone’s expecting the government to dole out from the $6 Trillion Coronavirus stimulus bill.

You know…it’s the bill that gives $2 Billion to struggling Americans and $4 Billion to bail out the Wall Street criminals banksters.

It’s eerily reminiscent of the 2008 TARP bill – a mere $700 Billion by comparison – that primarily went to bail out Goldman Sachs and their cronies…courtesy of former Goldman CEO Hank Paulson.

It also opened the floodgates for the fed to quietly back stop the banksters to the tune of about $29 Trillion over the last decade.

Yes, you read that right…$29 Trillion.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence (or maybe NOT) that our current Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, is a Goldman Sux alumnus.

The difference is Mnuchin has $4 Billion while Hank Paulson only had $700 Billion.

So, sorry Karen, if you think the government is picking up the tab for your $499.97 prescription, you’ll have a rude awakening when you figure out who’s paying the $4 Trillion tab to bail out the banksters this time.

Read more about it in our April issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

And share this with a friend who thinks they’re getting a great deal on their drugs.


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