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Who Profits From Our Constant Wars?

Have you ever heard the stupid expression “War is good for the economy?”

Of course, you have.

It’s one of the most common tactics used by Washington and Wall Street to convince you that killing innocent people is okay.

Whoa!  Hold on a minute.

What do you mean, “killing innocent people?”

All you need to do is look at history for proof of how millions die from the profiteering of war mongers.

The most recent example is IRAQ.

Oh Wait!  That’s not headline news anymore.  However, the death count (since we started “liberating” them) is over 1,455,000 Iraqi citizens.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The 1% Elite want you to think that war is good for the economy, but if you look behind the curtain you’ll see a totally different reality about war:

  • YES, it’s good for the economy of the Military Industrial Complex
  • YES, it’s another way politicians line their pockets
  • YES, you can profit from it by owning defense oriented stocks


But ask yourself this question:  How have you personally benefited by our nations constant wars with under developed countries?

Then, compare how well your personal economy/lifestyle has improved with that of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC).

War has been traditionally profitable…for the elite few.

So, unless you’re in that 1% club you’ll be a victim of their very effective brainwashing about how “war is good for the economy.”

Who wants to be a victim of that garbage?

If you see what really goes on behind the curtain, you won’t fall for all the propaganda.

Learn how to “connect the dots” of the financial puzzle that “The Club” doesn’t want you to see.

Go (HERE) now.

You’ll thank us later.




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