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Chicken Little is Alive and Well

It’s official.

February was the coldest month in 83 years!

In Arizona, the temperatures broke a 122-year previous record low.

NASA has stated both the Arctic and Antarctic entered the next global cooling cycle in 2015 and have been dramatically cooling during the past 3 years.

Yet we have all kinds of “chicken littles” cackling about how the world will burn up in 12 years.

Congress critters continue to lead the global warming charge because they know it’s all about one main thing.


On a more sinister note, it’s also about controlling the population (read about it in our March newsletter).

Last week, former Greenpeace president, Patrick Moore called Global Warming a “Hoax and Scam” pushed by greedy government scientists.

He also called Alexandria Occasional-Cortex a “pompous little twit” and “garden-variety hypocrite.”

The greedy government scientists’ comment has surely triggered many snowflakes nervous system, but he’ probably right.

(Let’s hope Moore avoids a heart attack from a hot tub visit.  Or, hopefully doesn’t become depressed and commit suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of the head.  Cough! Arkancide! Cough, Cough!)

This got me thinking.  If you claimed that the moon is made of cheese and you were in charge of handing out lucrative government research grants to prove it, there would be plenty of pseudo-scientists fighting to prove your claim is true.

It’s like a hooker being paid to proclaim you’re the best lover she’s ever had.


I meant to say it’s like the Whores-of-Babylon-Media presstitutes and goofy politicians blaming Trump for global warming.

Learn how certain politicians illegally redirected government funding to promote global warming in our March newsletter (HERE).

In the meantime, we’ll stay away from hot tubs.

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