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16-Year-Old Now Virus Expert for CNN

The often referred to Communist News Network is plumbing the depths of journalistic depravity with their most recent hire.

Child climate activist – and poster child for Greenpeace – Greta Thunberg has somehow miraculously become a medical expert.

LMAO!   “How Dare You…?”

Making a 16-year-old out to be a medical expert proves that CNN has no journalistic integrity.

It also shows how they don’t care about our country.

However, it does show how desperate they’ve become to increase their ratings which have been plummeting for the last five years in a row.

The political agenda they’ve been pushing (Cough! Climate Change, Hairball Cough!) and the hysteria over the Kung Flu is borderline criminal.


Their lies stoke hatred and are leading us down the path to civil war.

Unfortunately, they don’t care about lying to the public because they’re protected by the boyz in the “Club” who tell them what to publish and when to publish it.

Then, when they’re caught in a lie, they come up with some lame excuse about an “oversight on their part” and never even apologize.

They love giving coverage to maniacs like the mayor of Chicago who bluntly came out and stated that we have to eliminate the executive branch of government.


Yes, she said that.

“…In Plain English” that means we move to a dictatorship in a legal sense where decrees are simply mandated with no choice.

In other words, this is the road to totalitarianism.

We’ve said it many times before and we’ll say it again:  The Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes don’t care about you.

In fact, they HATE YOU and are out to destroy the values and principles that made our country great.

So far, they’re getting away with murder…literally.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Wait until the death count starts piling up NOT from the CoronaVirus, but from the blowback it’s causing…starvation, suicide, domestic abuse, revolt, etc.

And they want you to believe a 16-year-old?


In order to stop this madness, we need to discredit these cretins and the garbage they puke all over us 24/7.

They best way to start is to Investigate all of them.

How Dare They?




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