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May 2020 Newsletter is Live


The May 2020 newsletter is live and ready for your reading pleasure.

Here’s an excerpt:


Ironically (or NOT), it’s not always about making money.


Sometimes it’s more important to avoid mistakes that could cost you a fortune.

With that in mind let’s kick off this issue with “What to Expect for the Remainder of 2020…and How to Use it to Your Advantage.”

As usual, we’ll end this issue with our “Short and Sweet Tips.” 

In between, you can rest assured you’ll find plenty of content to challenge you to think (Obamagate vs Watergate) – and hopefully laugh – about many of the absurdities that we face every day.

So, sit back, top off your favorite beverage, and allow that free-thinking mind of yours to recognize the upcoming opportunities of a lifetime.


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If, for some reason the letter doesn’t open up simply refresh your screen.



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