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Is the ‘Fat Lady Singing’ in Sports?


Football – and most other sports – are walking a tightrope over a bottomless pit of consequences.

Yesterday, the University of Connecticut UCONN announced they won’t be playing football in 2020.

“After receiving guidance from state and public health officials and consulting with football student-athletes, we’ve decided that we will not compete on the gridiron this season,” athletic director David Benedict said in a statement. “The safety challenges created by COVID-19 place our football student-athletes at an unacceptable level of risk.”

Is this the first big domino to fall in the college sports world?


Or maybe this is a warning that basketball will be next.  Or maybe colleges are afraid of losing funding – for any reason – from the Contrived Covid Fraud.

Whatever excuse is used for cancelling the football season, you should be questioning:  What’s unacceptable about getting a flu with a 99.5% recovery rate?

College students have been getting sick at school since the University of Bologna was founded in 1088.

Why, all of a sudden, are they cancelling a highly lucrative sports program?

As usual, the answer is, this is not about a virus.

It never has been.

One by one you’ll see colleges – and possibly professional sports – “take one for the team” (pun intended) and kowtow to New Green World Order agenda.

It’s probably nothing to worry about, yet.

However, if Ohio State, Alabama, USC, LSU, etc. start talking about cancelling their football season, you’ll know the “Fat Lady” isn’t just clearing her throat.

Maybe they’ll play to empty stadiums, too.

Never in history have sports programs – college or professional – been shut down over the flu.

Even during WWII, neither college nor pro sports were cancelled.

These fear mongers are unraveling the strings that tie civilizations together.


It’s all about controlling the masses and ushering in a NEW GREEN WORLD ORDER.

In reality, what the boyz in the “Club” worry about the most is:  The fear of economic panic AFTER the CoronaFraud restrictions are lifted…more on that later.


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