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10 Million and Counting…


The disinformation and misdirection put out by the CDC and WHO would have you believe that 10,000,000+ people have already died from the Kung Flu.

It’s how they’ve managed to impose Medical Martial Law in America.

It’s also how they’ve screwed bond holders pocketed $500 Million in Pandemic Bonds (In February we wrote: “WHO Profits Most in a Pandemic” read it HERE).

At the same time, they’ve convinced most of the population that you’ll be responsible for the deaths of countless citizens if you don’t #StayAtHome.

I call BS on this…with the exception of the 10 Million +.

The 10 Million figure is the combined total of new jobless claims for the last two weeks.

It’s important to note that, prior to the last two weeks, the jobless claims were averaging around 200,000 per week.

By comparison, a jump to 10 Million is FREAKISHLY HIGH…and this is the early results of shutting down the world’s economy over a “virus” that’s ONE TENTH as deadly as the normal flu.

Let’s do some math.

At this pace we’ll have between 65-75 Million people unemployed by this summer.

The “unintended consequences” of the destruction of our economy will likely result in more deaths than the Kung Flu.

Ironically (or NOT) the WHO and CDC won’t admit that they’re responsible for the devastation of millions of lives across the planet.

And they’ve been fueled by a bought-and-paid-for-media that continues to tell you to #StayAtHome (which also exacerbates the problem).

So, where does that leave us?

To be blunt…we’re screwed…at least in the short term.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of the damage to be felt from the insanity of shutting down the world economy.

It’s almost as if this is being done by design.

Seriously, folks!  You cannot pull off something of this magnitude without an extremely well-coordinated plan in advance.

However, history shows that historic times creates historic profits… “for those with ears to hear.”

We’re living in Historical times.  And we remind you that you need to “Listen to the Market” and how “Everything is Connected.”

It’s not only a key for your survival, it’s the secret of how to prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times.

So, instead of freaking out (which is what the boyz in the “Club” want you to do) you need to recognize the opportunity of a lifetime.

Read about it in our April edition of “…In Plain English.”



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