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Now that the month March is over, we’re confident history will remember it as nothing short of Unbelievable.

The $64 Billion question is, What Kind of Unbelievable will it be known for?

Will it be:


  • The month investors lost more money in stocks than any other month in history.
  • The month people fell apart like a $2 Suitcase and willingly gave up all their rights – kowtowing to government demands – ushering us towards Totalitarianism and hoarding toilet paper along the way.
  • The month that organizations like WHO and the CDC destroyed the global economy over a virus they preached as if it was the black plague…only to later realize that it effectively killed less than 0.00001428% of the global population.
  • The month governors in America rushed to force people into #StayAtHome laws – not considering the consequences – and simultaneously committing financial suicide ironically (or NOT), through a massive collapse in tax revenue.
  • The month that evil reared its ugly head in Washington with equally evil politicians trying to say the Kung Flu deaths were Trump’s fault.
  • The month that jobless claims reached an unprecedent amount of over 10 Million in two weeks’ time…TWO WEEKS.
  • The month that civilization was convinced that their friends and neighbors instantly became toxic and off limits from fear of getting infected or infecting others…making you responsible for thousands of countless deaths.
  • The month that common sense and normal lifestyles went bat-shit crazy (no pun intended for the bat-eaters in China).


Shall I continue, or are you catching my drift here?

Remember, we’re only three months into 2020, The Year of Chaos…and I’m starting to regret making that prediction last summer.

However, regardless of how crazy things can be – and trust me, things will get crazier – you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that you’re looking at the opportunity of a lifetime in the not too distant future.

Recently I’ve been criticized for pointing out opportunities like this when the whole world is in a panic.

To that I’ll say:  If you continue to think and act like the majority of the sheeple – trembling in fear in an unsure world – you won’t see the slaughter coming.

But if you simply choose FAITH over Fear, you’ll start the process of recognize opportunities while everyone else is seeing disaster.

Be sure read our April sermon edition of “…In Plain English” where you’ll learn how to recognize the bottom of a market and when to get back in.

At this point in time, your future may depend on it.

Go ahead…you’re only one click away:




“There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.”

~ Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar (Act-IV, Scene-III) ~







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