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YouTube Removes Doctors Video


In an all-out assault – and technically an act of Sedition – YouTube removed a video of the Front Line Doctors who are saying how the CoronaFraud is a hoax (similar to what we’ve said since February).

Ironically (or NOT) they’re saying the video is FAKE news.


It’s a classic “Pot Calling the Kettle Black.”

The authorities (who are these authorities, anyway?) have removed it because it not only challenges the WHO, but also Bill Gates, the entire Democrat opposition against Trump, and the Whores-Of-Babble-On Media Presstitutes.

Simply stated they refuse to allow any contrary view to their nefarious, negative, narrative.

Deliberately censoring news is clearly a violation of freedom of speech, which is very abusive and clearly a threat to National Security.

These cretins should ALL be charged with sedition and be forced to prove that the information in the Doctors video is wrong.

Instead, the Presstitutes will berate the doctors calling them quacks, while assuring the public with their standard cover of:  “Nothing to see here, move along.”

It should be up to We The People to decide whether to believe the video or not.

But Nooooo!

Removing it clearly sends a message that it’s a threat to their power to the point that they’re openly committing sedition.

In other words, They Don’t Care What You Believe or Think.  They only want you to believe the garbage and hatred they shove down your throat 24/7.

Are you Connecting the Dots, yet?

If not, what’s it going to take to wake the public up?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of sheeple can’t see through all this BS.

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