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You’re an Irresponsible, Insufferable *%*%&, Vincent


It appears that, once again, I hurt someone’s feelwings.

Unsurprisingly it comes from a member of the Vagina Hat-Wearing crowd.

Anyway, it appears that Lulu is outraged over the fact that I’ve been challenging the unquestionable science of the alleged “Kung Flu Expert” Dr. Anthony Fartarucci…or whatever his name is.

Lulu called me names – not worthy of repeating – trying to make me feel responsible for countless people dying saying: “You won’t think it’s funny when people are dropping like flies all around you.”

Sorry Lulu, but your vulgar accusations don’t interest me.

However, what’s interesting is how Dr. Fart told CNN he expects between 100,000 and 200,000 Coronavirus deaths in the US… “Based on what we’re seeing.”

Of course, the king of Fake News (CNN) couldn’t make it clear where Dr. Fart came up with his numbers.

But let’s say he’s right and 200,000 out of 335,000,000 die from the King Flu in America.

It would certainly be a tragedy…but!

Do the math.

That’s approximately 0.000597001% of the population.

It doesn’t warrant the hysteria that Lulu and most of the country is giving it.

Yet, here we are.

Maybe if Lulu did a background check on Dr. Fart, she might find that he was at the heart of the HIV scam and involved in many others like H1N1 and SARS.

He’s made a career going from one scam to another trying to tell people what to do.

Someone should nominate him for the Harvey Weinstein “lifetime achievement award” for his service to a government bureaucracy.

What scares me most about the surreal time we’re living in is how waaayyyy too many people get freaked out when guys like Dr. Fart gives you “their opinion” and doesn’t back it up.

But! But! He’s a highly respected scientist,” they’ll say.

Unfortunately (or NOT) they’ll also be first in line when a vaccine is created for the Kung Flu…and demanding everyone must be vaccinated.

That will surely make Bill Gates happy.

Think we’re making this up?

Read our April issue of “…In Plain English” and you’ll definitely think twice before getting vaccinated.

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