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"It's Not Just About Finance"

You’re a Homophobic Racist (Expletives Deleted)

Have you ever noticed when you disagree with today’s liberal thinkers you immediately come under attack?

I’m talking about a vicious, foul language diatribe to try and shout you down.

We know what that’s like.

When we write things like the email Shame on You, BYU (openly criticizing them for not standing up for what’s right), it tends to stir up an unhealthy hatred in the hearts of the…well…mentally unstable.

We don’t intentionally try to aggravate the snowflake types (Well, maybe we do…Kinda,…Sorta).

We do it to illustrate how hatred of what used to be good, righteous, and gasp! normal has devolved into an ungodly pattern that politicians want us to feed on.

It doesn’t bother us to be called homophobic, racist, or any other name someone with a limited vocabulary can come up with.

We look at it as feedback allowing us to fine tune our writing…especially to those of you who write to us.

However, in the case of spewing hatred, name calling and cursing, we’re reminded that we live in a darkening world that’s getting worse.

That’s another reason we continue to write “Not Just About Finance” but, more importantly how Everything is Connected.  (and how important it is to prepare for the oncoming storms).

We know that sooner or later TPTB will hit the reset button.

That’s when everyone runs for the exit.

The question is:  When that happens, what’s your Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C?

When you realize how everything taking place on a global scale affects all markets, you’ll become a smarter investor…and you won’t get suckered into the traps set by the boyz in the “Club.”

Learn more about how and why you need a Plan B and a Plan C (HERE).

You ‘ll thank us later.

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