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First Facebook Bans Us and Now Twitter?

It looks like our social media skills have hit new lows.  Or, depending on how you look at it, new highs.

Just over a year ago we wrote how Facebook put us on their ‘bad boy’ list for writing this article about them: “Why is Everyone Still ‘Shocked’ Over Facebook?”

We followed it up with several articles (Here, Here, and Here) that resulted in yours truly getting kicked off Facebook.

Now, it seems like we’ve struck some raw nerve endings with the snowflakes at Twitter.

The difference is our headlines are still posting at Twitter every day.  But for some reason the content is being censored.

We thought it might be because of the article about “No White Men Allowed in 2020,” because prior to that everything seemed normal.

However, when we looked into it, we found that over 258 of our Tweets have simply disappeared.

We asked why the headlines are showing up without the content only to get the standard stock answer: “This does not meet our community standards.”




I’m not sure whether to laugh or wear this as a badge of honor. (fist pump!)

If anything, this proves what we’ve been writing to you about for the last few years regarding the Whores-of Babylon Media presstitutes.

Sad to say that from this point on it ain’t gettin’ any better.

And if you’re not paying attention, you’ll end up like the masses, stunned, shocked, and crying over why your bank accounts, credit cards and most other assets are frozen.

We’ve entered into the “Great Unknown” folks.

It’s very subtle, slithery, and mean as a snake.

As great as social media has been, it can also be your worst nightmare when the boyz in the “Club” use it against you.

Learn how they plan on using it against you…(HERE).

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