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Your Emails Are Awesome, But…

At Financial$Matter, we love feedback…positive or negative.

It allows us to see what resonates with you (our valued readers) and helps us provide you with better quality content.

Recently we got feedback from Chris in Brooklyn who said, “James, your emails are awesome! But sometimes you say we’re looking at the greatest opportunity of our lifetime while other times you paint a picture that things are going to be incredibly ugly in the future.  What’s it going to be…good, bad, or ugly?”

First off, thanks for your note, Chris.

Second, the answer to your question is…all the above.

Let’s start with “ugly.”

Most investors are clueless when it comes to seeing a freight train barreling down the tracks at them.  The most obvious example of this is the bond market.  (Especially the Government Bond Market).

Its inevitable implosion accelerates as we enter the early parts of 2020.  It’s also the catalyst that brings the loss of confidence in governments.

It will get ugly quickly.


It’s simple…when confidence is lost everyone scrambles to save their own hide.

That brings us to “bad.”

The carry-over panic into other markets causes investors to make mistakes based on fear.

Blood on the streets” is the clarion call during a “bad” phase.

That brings us to the “good” part.

Instead of me blathering on about the greatest opportunity of our lifetime, let me share with you the following quote:

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” 

~William Shakespeare~


To that I’ll simply say, “The flood is coming, Folks.”

The important question is: “Will you drown or ride it to fortune?”

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We’re all preparing to profit when things get ugly…and you should too.

And don’t wait…our prices are going up soon.


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