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Why Our Market WON’T Crash

The saying Human Nature Never Changes is just as true today as it was thousands of years ago.

So, it should come as no surprise when you hear all the naysayers cry about how the stock market is going to crash any day now.


Let me explain (again) why the market won’t crash anytime soon.

First, look around the world and ask yourself a very simple question: “Where do I want to put my money today?”

Second, before answering, try to imagine you are a major player who’s also considered part of the “Smart Money” crowd.

Got it?


Keep in mind that the “Smart Money” ALWAYS seeks the safest harbor.

Now let’s look at your options:

  • Europe?
  • Asia? (including Russia and Iran)
  • South America?
  • Africa?
  • The Middle East?
  • The USA?


Which of these choices looks to be the safest harbor for your money?


If you chose the USA you are thinking like the Smart Money crowd.

They’ve been pouring Billions every month into our market for the last several years.

And (Pay Attention, Here) Until that trend changes, we’ll continue to be in The Most Hated Bull Market in History.


It’s really that simple.

And yet many people respond with their “Yeah, Buts” then refer to some event that reminds them of the Great Depression.

Stop it!

You’re believing waaaayyyy too much garbage spewed out by the Whores-of-Babylon Media Presstitutes.

They don’t want you in on one of the greatest opportunities of your lifetime.

But we do.

That’s why we publish “…In Plain English.

In it, we dispel the lies and myths the media (owned by the “Club”) constantly bombards you with.

And we show you how to profit from their lies.

See for yourself (HERE).

Don’t wait…our prices are going up soon.

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