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Yes, Governments Do Go Bankrupt

Contrary to what our Congress critters want you to believe, all major governments eventually default on their debt.

They want you to remain “brainwashed” about ridiculous (and dangerous) fantasies they peddle about how the “US Government will always pay and a debt default is impossible.”

Sorry, Charlie.  History is riddled with examples of government defaults.

One of the most obvious is the Roman empire.  They collapsed under the weight of their own debt by printing more money.

Back then, their version of money printing was by making more coins.

The silver “denarius” was the coinage that served as the backbone of ancient Rome.  By adding a little copper to it they increased the volume of coins.  It also devalued it.

Eventually the denarius had become all copper and worthless…but they sure had a lot more coins in circulation.

Do you see any parallel here?

Another reason for Rome’s failure was the overspending for their military.  (The most powerful military force on the planet at that time).  They defaulted on paying the troops and told them, “Sorry guys, no pensions for you…you’re on your own.”

That didn’t end well because Roman troops then ransacked nations around the world to make up for the governments shortfall.

Rome then resorted to a desperate and relentless pursuit of taxation.

It got so bad that citizens left their homes because they couldn’t afford the taxes.

Do you think you own your home?  Try not paying your taxes and you’ll see who really owns it.

The point is, despite all the hoopla over the new tax reform, we’re no different than ancient Rome.

Excessive money printing and military spending poses a serious threat to our future.

How are you prepared for it?

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