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The Snowflake That Starts An Avalanche

Snowflakes, (not the ones who constantly whine about everything Trump does or tries to do) by themselves are seemingly harmless.

But we all know that too many snowflakes accumulating on mountain ranges cause devastating avalanches.

However, avalanches are often instigated by skiers/snowboarders with a death wish.  They think they’re invincible and ignore obvious danger warnings.  They attempt to conquer the mountain mainly to satisfy their egos.

It’s similar to how our Congress critters try to deal with our nations gargantuan mountain of debt.  It’s always about them and not about how they are supposed to serve you and me.

After nearly four decades of out of control spending, Congress has accumulated many avalanche areas in our economy.

The most obvious is our $21 Trillion debt (It’s mathematically impossible to pay off).

It’s only a matter of time before some dumb*ss skier Congressman tries to “Fix It” and comes up with a plan to print more money.  (*Note: It’s never really printed.  It’s digital.  Which makes it even more dangerous.)

You see, Governments issue debt with no intention of ever paying it off.  They continue to “kick the can” down the road and eventually default on it.

Take a wild guess who gets shafted by their recklessness?

Yep, you and me, baby.

Have you ever wondered why they can’t seem to fix the problems?  (Or, every solution they come up with makes the problems worse?)

The answer is simple.

They Just Don’t Care about the people they supposedly serve.

The time is coming soon when we the people finally say “enough is enough.”  That’s when the fireworks start.

2018 may be your last chance to avoid the oncoming avalanche.

But you must be prepared.

Find out how (HERE).



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