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World Peace Means “THEY” Are Out of Business


“You will continually hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end [of the age].”

Matthew 24:6 (AMP)


As evidenced by scripture, wars and rumors of wars have been around for thousands of years.  So, why are you are constantly being told – by the media presstitutes – that “This time is different?”

The answer is simple.

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) needs war to stay in business…and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the threat of war alive.

Do you remember when North Korea was going to NUKE the USA and the rest of the world?

What happened?  Did they change their mind?  Or, maybe the storyline was getting old and the Presstitutes were told to shift the “rumors of war” to another country.

Now we’re being told that Kim Jong Un is dead.  Who knows?

What about the Russian narrative and the evil Putin?  Or, the Middle East, Iran, or some other unknown region that needs a war to be set free from their current dictatorship.

You need to look at the pattern here.

Every time we head down into economic problems, (unstable or volatile markets like what we’re experiencing today) the political necessity for wars will be on the rise.

Because of today’s hysteria over the Kung Flu, we now have reason to believe that China is, once again, in the crosshairs of the MIC.

They’re being blamed for creating the Virus That Will Kill Everyone and that alone is reason to build up the war machine.

Not surprisingly, these problems arise from stupid policies/laws created by our Congress.  And they’re NEVER held accountable for them.

Instead, politicians shift the blame from themselves by creating an external enemy/boogeyman for us to hate.

(Cough! CoronaVirus Hoax, Cough! Hairball Cough!)

In turn, the MIC makes huge profits creating more weapons and then stuffs the politician’s pockets for helping them.  Otherwise, they’d both be out of business.

War is a great distraction to hide the truth from you.

Don’t be fooled by these cretins.

Learn how to “Connect the Dots” and profit in Turbulent Times (HERE).

And don’t be conditioned to thinking your rights aren’t important.






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