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The New Jobless Numbers…Over 50 Million?


The most recent number of jobless claims in America came in at 3.8 million this week.

Add that figure to the last 6 weeks numbers and we now have over 30 Million people who’ve claimed they lost their jobs.

That’s a mind-numbing figure…especially when you consider the work force is roughly 164 million.

This means we’re flirting with 20% unemployment in America.

But is that an accurate figure?

At the peak of the Depression we had 25% unemployment.

However, at that time there was no distinction between full and part-time jobs.

Translation: the vast number of people NOT covered by unemployment insurance today – because they work part-time – could easily raise the unemployment figure to over 50 Million.


You read that right.  That means we’re looking at over 30% unemployment.

And we’re being told to stay under Martial Law lockdown to save lives?


Show me where – in recorded history – the entire population has been in quarantine!

Go ahead…I’ll wait.

Check that.


For the millions of unemployed out there, you need to start thinking of starting a massive class-action suit against the cretins responsible for this nightmare.  (Cough! Gates Foundation, Cough! Neil Ferguson, Cough! WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyeus, ad nauseum, Cough, Hairball Cough!)

The damage these people have done sickens me at best.   And they have NO BASIS to support their draconian actions against the entire world.

We, the People, need to demand Criminal Investigations against the perpetrators of the Biggest Hoax in History…And we do NOT need their stupid vaccines that don’t work anyway (see Why Covid Vaccines Won’t Work).

In case you missed us saying these the last eight times:  “More People Will Die from the Lockdown’s Ripple Effect Than Those Who Actually Die From the Flu.”


On the flip side – for those with Ears to Hear – there’s an opportunity of your lifetime coming soon amidst all of the global chaos.

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