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Woke Workers Won’t Return to the Office

Now that people have gotten used to working from home, big companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. are angry that their ‘Woke’ workers won’t return to the office.


Ironically (or NOT) the ones more willing to “return to normal” – as if that will ever happen again – are the ones who didn’t cave in to taking the clot shot.

And now it’s been proven (by the CDC records) that the vaxxed ones are far more contagious and likely to get sick from the CoronaHoax.

So it’s understandable why the ‘Wokesters’ won’t return to the office.

Check this out:

According to a June/July survey by Advanced Workplace Associates in 13 countries, 13 sectors, 28 organizations and 79 offices (representing 77,410 employees), “average attendance in offices is just 26 percent, with peaks in the middle of the week of no more than a third of employees in the office.

Maybe people are realizing that being a cubicle warrior was another, propaganda psy-op ruse.

Or maybe, the reason the work-from-home crowd are complaining so loudly right now is less about them hating working in an office but rather the days of staying at home have come to an end.

Or maybe, Just MAYBE, most companies just want folks back in the office.


Because of the multi-year leases they have on their extravagant office space.

And upper management wants their sheeple crammed back in their cube farms for no other reason than to monitor them.

Won’t Return to the Office

Regardless of the reason, it’s becoming obvious that some of the sheeple are waking up to the nefarious globalist New World Order/Great Reset agenda.

And by not returning to the office is their way of fighting back.

This is confirmation – of what we’ve said many times in the past – that the globalists will ultimately fail in their plans to implement the Great Reset.

READ: “Build Back Barter?” July 6, 2022.

However, we remind you that in the process of failure, these cretins will inflict a lot of pain and suffering on the entire world…economically and physically.

Don’t be their victim.

Instead learn how to turn the tables on them and learn how to prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times (HERE).

Share this with a friend…especially if they don’t want to go back to the office.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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But we use finance to give you hope



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