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With Merkel Out is the Euro Doomed?

Angela Merkel is on her way out.  She announced she is stepping down as Chancellor of her party and won’t seek re-election when her term is up in 2021.  (Unless they throw her out before then…which is very likely)

The announcement came after her Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) suffered additional heavy losses in her regional elections over the weekend.

This is incredibly important because it will Ultimately Undermine the Euro which has been a disaster from the beginning.

Quite frankly we’re surprised it took this long.

Even though she’s been chairperson of the CDU since 2000 and chancellor of Germany since 2005 she’s mostly responsible for the refugee crisis that’s been economically breaking Europe’s back.

Sorry Angie.  You’ll be remembered on par with Stalin.  He’s the only person over the last century that’s tried harder to murder Germany than you.

We wrote about this in July in an article “Bye, Bye Angie…Refugees Will Miss You.”

Once again, our Whores-of-Babylon-Media (WOBM) presstitutes are ignoring the fact that if the Euro is undermined it will send the dollar to all-time record highs.

This is what will break the back of the entire world’s monetary system.

And while it’s happening you’ll see our stock market rise with it to mind-boggling heights.

Don’t expect to see it all happen overnight.  However, we should be seeing some turning points soon…possibly before the end of 2018.

So, between now and 2021 you can expect things to get really crazy in the Eurozone.

Sad to say, it won’t be headline news here until the brown stuff starts hitting the fan.

By then Europe will be a battle zone.

Stay ahead of this (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.

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