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Will the O’Biden/Hologram Impose Force Majeure?

For those unaware, to Impose Force Majeure is fancy way of saying “You’re gonna get screwed.”

We cover this in an article written in 2017 titled “Gold, If You Don’t Hold it, You Don’t Own it” (HERE).

The Reader’s Digest version of Force Majeure is simple… an unexpected and disruptive event that may operate to excuse a party from a contract.”

Translation:  Trading can be stopped in a stock or commodity (COUGH! Gold/Silver, COUGH! COUGH!) and the issuer doesn’t have to honor their commitment.

Wait! What?

That’s right…and you can’t do anything about it.

Example:  Let’s say you bought some silver – or at least you thought you bought silver – on the futures exchange for $25 per ounce.

But you never really bought it.  You simply own a piece of paper that says you’re entitled to take delivery of an ounce of silver for $25 at a certain time in the future.

And if the price goes up to $30, you can 1) take delivery of it or 2) cash it in for a nice profit.

However, if the market for silver goes crazy (Cough! a short squeeze forces the price to skyrocket, Cough! Cough!) the value of your “Paper Silver” could go to $50 per ounce.

And if the house where you bought it doesn’t have the physical silver to deliver to you, they’ll plead to the regulators to declare Force Majure.

Once that happens, the house (who didn’t actually have your silver) must honor your contract based on the last closing price of silver.

Let’s say the closing price was $35.  That means they must pay you $35 in cash for your “paper silver.”

However, it could take them weeks or even months to settle with you.

Impose Force Majeure

In the meantime, the price of silver skyrockets to $150 per ounce.  And by the time you get your $35, you won’t want to buy real silver at $150.

So, with all the action from Reddit Rebels in silver, will the O’Biden/Hologram administration take over the media with an “emergency alert” after multiple circuit breaker halts shut down the price of silver?

Of course, the message will be something like:  “We’re enforcing temporary halts in trading to secure the integrity of financial markets” (complete with drooling slurs and mis-reads of the teleprompter).

Force Majeure will eventually happen.

But it won’t take place until the boyz can no longer Monkey Hammer Silver.

To learn more about this, be sure to read our February edition of “…In Plain English” HERE.

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