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Will Pence Stab Trump in the Back?


Like every other crony politician in DC – most recently former Attorney General Wm. Barr – will Mike Pence Stab Trump in the back on Wednesday Jan 6th?

Pence has already stated that he wants out of Washington.

If that’s true then he most likely will not defend our nation when it comes time for him to formally recognize or reject the electoral votes.

Stabbing Trump in the Back


Trump’s biggest mistake was accepting people from the establishment.   And he was told they knew all the details as to how the government ran.

Pence was a member of Congress.  He knows how the establishment works.  And, one by one, they all stabbed Trump in the back (Cough! Mitch McConnel, Cough! Lindsey Graham, Hairball Cough!)

But why all the hatred?

Simply stated, they all hate him because he’s an outsider and doesn’t play by their crooked rules.

Even the stupid Republicans fail to recognize that Trump   beat Obama as the most admired president in the Gallup Polls.

And the Repubs got the largest share of black and Hispanic votes in history.


Ironically (or NOT) Trump did more for the middle class and the working man than any other president. He expanded the economy and black unemployment reached its lowest in history.

Those achievements alone would lead you to believe that Mr. MAGA himself will perform another magic miracle against the DEEP STATE SWAMP and have the election results reversed.

The evidence of fraud is overwhelming.

Yet, the Big Tech dominance over the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes has them repeatedly telling you: “Voter Fraud? There Was No Voter Fraud.”

So, this Wednesday isn’t just D-Day for Trump.

It’s D-Day for Vice-President Mike Pence to see whether he stabs Trump in the back.

It all remains to be seen.

However, if Trump is overthrown, it will only solidify that “TRUMPISM” – the most hated logo of DC cronies – will not end with him being driven out of office.

We’ve been saying all along that 2021, When The Great Reset and Food Shortages Hit Home, will catch most investors off guard.

And the markets won’t respond how you think by political “surprises.”

The question you should be asking is:  Will January set the tone for another “Bungee Jump Market” like we had in 2020?

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