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Trumpism/Populism vs Feudalism/Communism

Trumpism/Populism is nothing new.

And it’s not entirely confined to the Republican party.

Democrats and world leaders berate Trumpism as “populism.”

The truth is, it’s an anti-establishment sentiment.

Since 2016 the political class, worldwide, saw Trump as a threat and recognized that “populism” was growing.

Even Klaus Schwab’s World Econo0mic Forum has debated on how to stop it.

Their conclusion was to end voting because we – The Great Unwashed Masses – are too stupid to think for ourselves.


Ironically (or NOT) the London Financial Times did a piece on “populism.” And it showed how all the politicians were frightened that they could be thrown out after Trump won in 2016.

The FT said, populism “horrified” the global political elite because they feared losing power!

But what both parties forget is that “populism” is We the People – not the aristocratic political class.

Feudalism, however, is a state of working under duress. And it’s the twin of Communism.

And, it’s the focal point of the Agenda 2030 crowd.

Cue up: Klaus Schwab’s “You Will Own Nothing, and You’ll be Happy About it.”

A few synonyms for Feudalism include:

  1. Bondage
  2. Captivity
  3. Enslavement
  4. Labor
  5. Serfdom
  6. Servitude
  7. Subjugation


John Kerry has come out against Populism/Trumpism.  And he’s also 100% on board with Agenda 2030…a very dangerous man, indeed.

AND, these fools think they’ve defeated Trump.

However, the recent vandalization of Pelosi and McConnel’s homes – including a severed Pig’s head and graffiti saying: “Where’s My Money” – is a clear sign that these arrogant people have no idea that this is not going back to politics as usual.

Tired of Lies

Are you sick of political lies yet?

We’re getting dangerously close to a Revolution against Feudalism.

As a result, our future now depends on whether Vice-President Mike Pence chooses to defend our nation over obvious election fraud or stabs our country in the back (Read: Will Pence Stab Trump in the Back).

Will January 6th be the beginning of another Bungee Jump Market like in 2020?

Find out yourself in our January edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

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