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Will Pence Join the Supreme Court

The question of will Pence join the Supreme Court has nothing to do with him becoming a judge.

Joining the Supreme Court means will he stab our country in the back like the Supreme Court did when they refused to listen to the Texas lawsuit over voter fraud?

Not only did the Supreme Court violate the Constitution and their oath to defend it, their actions also denied every American’s civil liberties.

As a result, they’ve doomed the western world to violence.


When a nation – and/or its citizens – can’t arbitrate their differences, violence takes over.


The Supreme Court Dilemma

For that reason, you can say that there will be blood on the Supreme Court’s hands.

But what about Pence?

Will there be blood on his hands as well?


Today, January 6, 2021, is when Mike Pence plays a key role in determining the outcome of the electoral votes (Read: Will Pence Stab Trump in the Back? HERE).

And the DEEP STATE BOYZ are desperately waiting to hear that Trump has been officially defeated.

Ironically (or NOT) technicalities – written in the law – can delay the results for an additional 48 hours.

So, we may need to wait until Friday for the results.

Regardless of how you look at it, there’s a lot at stake here.

Unfortunately, most of the sheeple out there are unaware and clueless of the importance of today’s event.

And it’s mostly because they’re at home wearing a face diaper, trying to find out where they can go stand in line and take an untested vaccine.

And, what’s worse, the vaccine was developed by corporations that can’t be sued when you have an adverse reaction…or die.

But I digress

If you haven’t noticed, the stock market has been very nervous lately.  And there’s a multitude of reasons why.

A lot has to do with the “Uncertainty” surrounding this whole mess.

The markets don’t like uncertainty.  And are prone to radical violent moves, up or down, that shake investors’ confidence.

And previously we’ve been telling you raise cash in the event of a market pullback.

Will January be another Bungee Jump Market like 2020?

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The Presidential Difference is…

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